PRXLUDES is a platform I started in May 2020, dedicated to promoting interesting artists, composers and performers from across the musical spectrum.

My aims with PRXLUDES are to:

A) Promote music and music creators I find interesting through personal interviews

B) Expose readers to creatives from a variety of different backgrounds, both classical and nonclassical

C) Do cool shit for my mates

My aim with this website isn’t to be some great blog or press outlet – it’s simply to promote artists, composers and creatives who I find interesting.

All the interviews on PRXLUDES are conducted on Skype, then condensed and transcribed for the website.


I’m a musician and composer, currently studying a masters degree in composition at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. I’ve been involved in a variety of music scenes, having started out playing in a pop punk band, and now pursuing a load of different musical projects. The idea for PRXLUDES came about after sitting in composition seminars during my degree, and feeling inspired to give something back to the musical community that I love so much.